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Rob Duquette childrens music

Rob Duquette incorporates world musical genres and infuses important lessons about kindness, empathy and environmental responsibility.  He’s got a few songs that are just plain silly too…..

“Rob’s ability to empower children through his music is a sight to behold. He really connects with them on a level they understand all while promoting kindness. Something we could use a lot more of in this world.”
-Senator Justin Chenette

“The best thing about his kid-oriented work is that it’s not always obviously kids’ music.”
Sam Pfeifle, The Portland Phoenix

“My goal was to write children’s music that would not drive parents crazy.  I’m happy when parents confess that they listen even when the kids aren’t in the car!”  Rob sings his original music accompanying himself on xylophone, guitar, ukelele, and percussion from around the globe.

“It’s very clear that you have a deep love and passion for the vital work you are doing.”
-Rick Charette

“Rob Duquette’s children’s music is an uplifting reminder that the world truly is a beautiful place. His songs are filled with fun, catchy lyrics that radiate with positive energy.”
-Michael J. Chase – Founder of The Kindness Center and bestselling author of The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone

“If you ever find yourself feeling as if there was nothing in the world that could lift your spirits, you surely haven’t heard Rob Duquette’s CD, “Love Is Contagious.”
~Kristen DiCara-McClellan, Portland Press Herald

“Wow, very cool stuff! I love your voice, and of course I love your multi-instrumentalizationificationisms.  Looks like you really have your technical end together too, nice job on that.”
-Billy Jonas

“Rob Duquette’s enthusiasm and generosity was on display as he shared his musical talents with students and staff of Young School.  Rob’s friendly personality, passion for his music, and deep appreciation for the diverse cultures from which his musical selections are rooted make for an enriching experience for his audiences.  We look forward to Rob’s next visit!”
 -Dr. Peter Harrison, Principal, Young School, Saco, ME

“Rob’s children’s music show is fun, entertaining, and sends a great message to kids and adults about kindness! The way he interacts with the crowd keeps the kids engaged, and his spontaneity is great! The music he plays is “contagious”, just like the name of his CD! Thank you for helping to spread kindness wherever you go!”
 Jeff Cardoza, School Counselor, Winthrop Grade School

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