Rob brings his kindness program into schools to help students gain tools in how to make kindness a part of their lives and thus making their school environment and our larger environment friendlier, and “bully-free”!  Through talking and singing and participation, topics are covered such as being kind to ourselves and others, being thankful, helping others, making friends, not “passing on” anger, being kind to the earth and school environment, and believing in dreams and a purpose in life.  When time allows, Rob works directly in the classrooms to further break down his concepts by using drumming and games to work on such skills as communicating with fellow students and teachers.

“Rob Duquette’s children’s music is an uplifting reminder that the world truly is a beautiful place. His songs are filled with fun, catchy lyrics that radiate with positive energy. Each time I hear one of his songs, I feel an irresistible urge to start dancing around like a five year old kid!”

~ Michael J. Chase – Founder of The Kindness Center and bestselling author of The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone

Upon request, Rob discusses safe touch and child abuse prevention.  Rick Charette has entrusted him with a couple of this time honored songs including “My body belongs to me” and “Good Touch”.

“I love the way you incorporated body safety and core values.  Your use of age appropriate terminology reinforced curriculum here in our district.  Thank you!”
-Steve Bussiere, School Principal at Carl J. Lamb School 

“If you ever find yourself feeling as if there was nothing in the world that could lift your spirits, you surely haven’t heard Rob Duquette’s new CD, “Love Is Contagious.”

~Kristen DiCara-McClellan, Portland Press Herald

world music with Rob Duquette

World music

Through his many years of experience playing and teaching world music, Rob brings a fun and culturally rich presentation of world music styles to young students, showing them through percussion, how the different styles are built and what they mean to their cultures, and in turn, to ours!  Children and adults, participate with world music rhythms and concepts made accessible to their age group.  Through percussion we can learn about culture!

“Wow, very cool stuff! I love your voice, and of course I love your multi-instrumentalizationificationisms.  Looks like you really have your technical end together too, nice job on that.”

~Billy Jonas

“Rob Duquette’s enthusiasm and generosity was on display as he shared his musical talents with students and staff of Young School.  Rob’s friendly personality, passion for his music, and deep appreciation for the diverse cultures from which his musical selections are rooted make for an enriching experience for his audiences.  We look forward to Rob’s next visit!”

~Dr. Peter Harrison, Principal, Young School, Saco, ME

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